Thursday, 6 September 2012

Let Me Clear My Throat / Burning Nest

Debut drivetime edition for Reel Rebels Radio featuring some chripy numbers from Trinidad and Hawaii; rude and rowdy carnival drums and horns from Ethiopia, Haiti and Morocco; new Mark Fell and Seekersinternational LPs; some shortwave numbers station recordings; a Pete Swanson 7"; another new Rrose 12"; triple Sloop; a couple of new albums on Sahel Sounds; moody Liberian guitar music, a testcard taster, a bunch of throaty stuff, and some wistful blues from John Jacob Niles. Now please bear in mind it was pretty warm down in the studio on Tuesday, and my head doesn't fair so well in the heat, so I feed you all sorts of bollocks, such as that there's a new Agali Ag Amoumine LP out (there isn't), and that 78+2=74 (it doesn't), but all the tunes are solid gold, so as long as you ignore me you'll have a great time with this one.

Unidentified performers - Tallon [Smithsonian Folkways]
Master Musicians Of Jajouka - Sidi Hamid Sherk [Sol Re Sol]
Dirashe Tribe - Dirashe Drum Song [Sublime Frequencies]
Rrose - 23 Lashes [Eaux 291]
(G14) - DFD21 [Irdial]
Mark Fell - SOA-4 [Editions Mego]
Seekersinternational - Always Dub [Digitalis]
The Westland Band - Maria [Nonesuch]
Pale K Lua - Kohala March [Yazoo]
Joseph Spence - Sloop John B [Mississippi]
Cleveland Simmons Group - Hustle Up The John B Sail [Rounder]
ET Mensah - John B Calypso [RetroAfric]
Amanar - A1 [Sahel Sounds/Little Axe]
Souleyman Niafounke - Bamana [Sahel Sounds/Mississippi]
Unknown - Mandingo Song [Mississippi]
Uzlyau - Slow Form #2
Sygyt - Kargyraa
Ghedalia Tazartes - Rien Nest Assez Fort Pour Dive [VOD]
Guttural Singer - I Won't Stop Singing Kagyraa
Ghedalia Tazartes - Le Crabe Ne Joue Jamais A La Poupee [VOD]
Tenores Di Bitti - Boch'e Notte [Network Medien]
Xoomii Music - Buyant Gol
Церемония Зеленой Тары - Восхваление Зеленой Тары
Ghedalia Tazartes - Merci Stephane [VOD]
John Jacob Niles - John Henry [Dut To Digital]
Ein St Ein - Warsaw [Bordello A Parigi]
Pete Swanson - Positive [BEB45]
This Heat - Testcard [This Is]

* * *

Mark Fell's in here twice, both as Mark Fell and as Sensate Focus; there's a big chunk of Anworth Kirk from their new LP Shacklecross; a couple of new singles from the ever-reliable LIES camp, from Trackman Lafonte & Bonquiqui and Torn Hawk; some Ethiopian bits, both mesmerically pretty and rowdily tribal; and sticking with tribal, the new Cut Hands single is rather, and there's a pretty hefty slab of Haitian rara to get yer abs around.  Otherwise there's a cracking new LP on Pan by Aaron Dilloway and Jason Lescalleet; a smidgen of Tahitian sunshine; and a clunky 23minute number from This Heat.

Trackman Lafonte & Bonquiqui - Pacific House [LIES]
Group Taraatua - Himene Tarava [Saydisc]
Unidentified Performers - Notre Dame de 7 Doleurs [Smithsonian]
Cut Hands - Black Mamba [Blackest Ever Black]
Mark Fell - SOA-2 [Editions Mego]
Sensate Focus - X (3.3') [Sensate Focus]
Anworth Kirk - Shacklecross A [Pre-Cert Home Entertainment]
Torn Hawk - Tarifa [LIES]
Habesha 2000 Band - Habesha Traditional Song 2 [Sublime Frequencies]
Tsege Mariam Gebru - Presentiment [Mississippi/Change]
Aaron Dilloway & Jason Lescalleet - Burning Nest [Pan]
This Heat - Metal [This Is]

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