Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Coma Skank

It's been a decent week for Pan, what with that long-awaited Lee Gamble LP dropping and the Sensate Focus Heatsick-rework 12" appearing as if from nowhere. Ace. Pan bounty aside tho, find within a Jonathan Harvey tribute; some sleazy dub from Bellows; an apocalyptic Stig Inge plate; some tribal bits from across Africa; and the continuation of the phenomenal posthumous Muslimgauze release schedule. In other lost and reissue music this time, Mississippi vinylise another bunch of belters from the Ethiopiques series; Sympathy Nervous treats us to some plastic lovin'; Sham Palace offer up a blinding collection of Indonesian pop; Die Doraus wishes us a pleasant morning; and Tunji Oyelana want the bus to slow a little. Otherwise, Elyse gets a rewind; the Cults Percussion Ensemble continue to twinkle; Andy Levine stacks the stuck grooves; Burial's got a new single, and there's a charming debut from my namesake Poppy. All these things make me happy x  
Poppy Ackroyd - Grounds [Devonvali]
Bellows - Untitled [Entr'acte]
Lee Gamble - Coma Skank (BinocConverge Mix) [Pan]
Sensate Focus - X [Pan]
Muslimgauze - Analog Zikir 1 [TMPS]
Mayogo Tribe - Congo Bereji [SWP]
Diolas Tribe - Wrestling, Serekunda, the Gambia [Lyrichord]
Mindanoo Mistiru - Wub' Allem [Lyrichord]
Bahta Gebre Heywet - Gizie [Mississippi/Change]
Zul Darwis & Asmidar Darwis - Sifat Manusia [Sham Palace]
Mohammed Al Ali - Mili Alay [Sham Palace]
Andy Levine - Remake/Recycle [Self-released]
Burial - Rough Sleeper [Hyperdub]
Sympathy Nervous - Plastic Love [Minimal Wave]
Die Doraus & Die Marinas - Guten Morgen [Bureau-B]
Elyse - Mortuary Bound [Orange Twin]
Cults Percussion Ensemble - Erlangen Polka [Trunk]
Tunji Oyelana - Agda Lo De [Soundway]
Stig Inge - D-010 [ZCKR]
Jonathan Harvey - Advaya [Compositeurs d'aujourd'hui]

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